Wine Saver Cover Wine Bottle Plug Drink Bottle Stopper

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Do you want to prevent your beverage from spilling if it falls on the table accidentally?

Get this wine saver cover wine bottle plug drink bottle stopper to cover the bottle mouth tightly. It will keep your drink fresh for a long and protect it from any dust or germs in the air.

What you’ll get:

  • Reusable: This bottle stopper is reusable. If you have opened a bottle but can’t finish it, use this stopper to close it tightly. It doesn’t lose its grip, so it can be used multiple times.
  • Keeps drink fresh & clean: This stopper keeps the beverage airtight and prevents dust particles in the air from entering the bottle.
  • Easy to use: Simply put this bottle stopper on the bottle and press the lever to keep the bottle airtight.
  • Multi-use: This stopper is suitable for different bottles, like wine, juices, ice tea, cola bottles, etc. 


Package includes: 1 White wine cover