Wireless Phone Charger & Fog / Mist Humidifier

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Getting skin and lips dry, cracked, and suffering from flu are common effects of winter.

Your unattractive skin ruins your whole beauty.

Influenza, on the other hand, prevents you from focusing on even a single task.

Want to stay healthy and fresh while enjoying the cold weather?

No worries – simply leash your hands at this Wireless Fog Humidifier and stay free from fog’s effects.

This humidifier moisturizes the air to protect your skin from dryness. It also removes bacteria from the air giving you fresh air to breathe in.

What you’ll get:

  • Fresh & glowing skin: An approximately 230 ml water tank is equipped with this humidifier that leaves a moistened stream into the air and keeps it humidified for four hours. It maintains your skin's freshness and protects it from getting dried and cracked. 
  • Anti-bacteria system: The vapor of this tool extracts bacteria from the air. It helps you stay healthy and fresh in winter to go with your daily routines perfectly.
  • Wireless charging mode: The bottom side of this humidifier is equipped with charging technology. It wirelessly charges your mobile phone. Simply place the device on the base of the humidifier to let it charge.
  • Adjustable design: This humidifier rotates 180 degrees. So you can set it as per your desired direction to make it beneficial in all ways.
  • Simple to use: Using this wireless fog humidifier is effortless. Simply put the cotton swab followed by a spring in the tube. Connect this small pipe with the top cover. Now, fill the tank with water and attach the humidifier to the USB power supply. To begin the operation, press the power button.