Wooden Memory Match Stick Chess Game

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Divert your children from traditional toys to the ones that are educational, engaging, and cognitive enhancers. If your child spends hours watching cartoons or playing games on a cell phone, this children's chess memory game is for him.


  • Educational toy: It develops children's cognitive abilities and their motor skills, which help in their bone movements and actions.
  • Fun activity: Unlike other toys that the children just watch and giggle at, this matchstick chess engages the kids well when they pick the matching color. This exercise enhances their cognitive learning and memory which improves comprehension, problem-solving, and enhances confidence in them.
  • Non-hazardous: This memory match stick game is made of wooden material and non-toxic water paint that won't harm children even if they chew on them.

How to Play:

  • Start with inserting all the chess pieces into the holes of the chessboard. 
  • Now the first participant will roll the dice and see what color it has rolled. 
  • Now start removing the chess pieces one by one to see their colors at the bottom. If it matches the dice color, congrats! Keep it with you; otherwise, put it back in its hole. 
  • The same will be repeated by all kids playing the game. The one who has abled to accumulate the most number of chess pieces will be the winner.